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EM55 Emergency Signal Smoke


High output, dense smoke tailored for extensive visibility. The EM55 ensures maximum visibility for long-range detection, letting you signal from even the most remote locations.

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The EM55 sets a new standard for long-range signaling with its dense, vivid smoke. Designed to cover extensive distances and with 90 seconds of thick smoke, it ensures that your distress call is not just seen, but is unmistakably recognized.

Although larger in size than the TP40, the EM55 remains compact and portable. Its user-friendly, hand-deployable design ensures that in high-stress situations, you can activate the signal swiftly and efficiently.

It offers market-leading performance and reliability in outdoor safety and distress signaling, and is a versatile tool for numerous scenarios.

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What is the EM55?

The EM55 is a premium, long-range signal smoke device. It’s crafted to deliver a dense, brightly colored smoke for 90 seconds, making it an essential tool for signaling over vast distances or in challenging visibility conditions.

How do I use the EM55?

The EM55 is designed for simplicity. It features a top-pull ignition system – just pull the ring on the top, and the device will immediately start emitting smoke.

What makes the EM55 different from the TP40?

While both are high-quality signal smokes, the EM55 offers a longer duration (90 seconds) and produces a denser smoke cloud, making it ideal for long-range signaling.

Is the EM55 safe for transport and storage?

Yes, safety is a priority in the design of the EM55. It’s compact and securely constructed, making it safe for transport in your backpack, emergency kit, or vehicle.

Can the EM55 be used in adverse weather conditions?

Absolutely. The EM55 is engineered to perform reliably in various weather conditions, ensuring that your distress signal can be seen whether it’s rain, fog, or strong winds.

How visible is the smoke from the EM55?

The EM55 produces a dense, bright orange smoke that is highly visible even from a distance. While visibility varies depending on conditions, its intense color and volume make it an excellent choice for long-range signaling and marking.

Is the EM55 a single-use device?

Yes, the EM55 is intended for single use. Once activated and the smoke is emitted, the device cannot be reused.

What are the best practices for using the EM55?

For optimal performance and safety, use the EM55 in an open area. Follow the instructions carefully, and be mindful of your surroundings to avoid any hazards. After activation, treat the device with caution as it may be hot.


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Customer Reviews

Rachel, Mountain Guide
Visibility Redefined
In mountain guiding, visibility can be the difference between safety and peril. The EM55 redefines visibility with its thick, orange smoke. It's indispensable for long-range signaling and has become a non-negotiable part of my safety gear.
Marcus, Off-Trail Biker
Works in the Toughest Terrains
In off-trail biking, situations can escalate quickly. The EM55 gives me 90 crucial seconds of bright signaling smoke, ensuring that I can be found even in the toughest terrains. It's robust, reliable, and incredibly effective.
Anna, Kayaking Enthusiast
Compact, Powerful Assurance
Space is limited on a kayak, but the EM55 earns its spot every time. The signal it produces is incredibly dense and bright. It's the powerful assurance I need when I'm tackling challenging waters.
Anna, Kayaking Enthusiast
Compact, Powerful Assurance
Space is limited on a kayak, but the EM55 earns its spot every time. The signal it produces is incredibly dense and bright. It's the powerful assurance I need when I'm tackling challenging waters.
Derek, Adventure Leader
A Must-Have
Leading adventure trips comes with a responsibility for safety. The EM55 provides that in spades. Its intense smoke signal brings clarity in crisis, ensuring that our location is visible to emergency services or other group members. A must-have for anyone responsible for group safety.
Beth, Remote Researcher
Long-Distance Lifeline
Working in remote locations means you need reliable safety measures. The EM55's dense smoke and 90-second duration make it the best signal device I've used. It's easy to deploy and highly visible, even from miles away. It's my long-distance lifeline.
Carl, Deep Woods Hiker
Rescue in Hand
On my last trip, a sudden storm disoriented us. The dense, bright smoke of the EM55 pierced through the chaos, guiding rescuers to our location. It's powerful, long-lasting, and an essential part of my survival kit.